Danforth Gunsmithing
7101 Jurupa Ave # 34, Riverside, CA 92504          (951) 343-7765  (951) 343-2769 fax 
Gunsmithing is an important art and for the best California Gunsmiths come to Danforth Gunsmithing
Our services include:
  • General Pistol Repair and Customization
  • Rifle Repair and Customization
  • Shotgun Repair and Customization
 We build customized & accurized hunting and target rifles, pistols, and field target or combat shotguns. We specialize in bluing all types of guns to like-original condition. We offer our highly efficient custom muzzle brakes. We install slings, rifle scopes, pistol scopes, and our custom made recoil pads. Our Riverside CA Gunsmith shop caters to the needs of the SASS shooters for their old style pistols, shotguns and rifles, as well as the sportsman that enjoys shooting games or hunting.
For custom services at affordable prices come in or call Danforth Gunsmithing today.
                                                ****DANFORTH GUNSMITHING IS ONLY A REPAIR AND CUSTOMIZE FACILITY***                                
                                                                         *** WE DO NOT SELL GUNS OR AMMUNITION***                                                                     

Danforth Gunsmithing offers gun repair, gun restoration, and much more, we install custom muzzle brakes, slings, rifles, pistol scopes and recoil pads. Contact us for all your gun repair, restoration and customizing needs.

Our hours of Operations: 
Sunday 11 am - 5 plm
Monday though Thursday 10 a.m. to  6 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - Closed
 Special Notices

Danforth Gunsmithing will not work on any 80% lower or frame.

Effective 03/23/2020 all refunds will be at Danforth Gunsmithing's discretion.

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